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A self-hosted, headless

JavaScript CMS

Payload's significance lies in its simplicity. From auth to upload, Payload gives you what you need to build your apps and then stays out of your way.

If you know JavaScript,

you know


Part of why we built Payload is because we were tired of having to learn how to do things everybody else’s special way. We stick to familiar concepts and understandable abstractions, so you can practice JavaScript—not Payload.
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Keep full control over your Express app.

Nothing is imposed on the structure of your app. Just initialize Payload and pass it your Express app. Maintain your own functionality outside of Payload.

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Extremely powerful function-based access control.

Secure your data by writing access control functions based on either a document or field level. Build out your own RBAC or any access control pattern you need.

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Hooks for every action Payload provides.

Both document and field-level hooks expose a ton of potential. Customize output, sanitize incoming data, or easily integrate with third-party platforms. The pattern is extremely powerful.

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Show and hide fields with conditional logic.

Inspired by ACF, all admin fields can be toggled on or off based on a function that you define. Base your condition on what other fields are doing or whatever you want. It’s just a function.

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Swap in your own components.

Every high-level component in the Admin dashboard is swappable with your own React component. Customize existing views or field types—or even add your own routes—with an extremely intuitive API.

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Get started in just one line.

 $ npx create-payload-app

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